Why You Should Read The Classics

[Life has been crazy these past few months, which means lack of posts. But I want to get back into it. I can't promise consistency but I will try :) in the meantime here is a post I've dragged from my drafts. I love you guys!]

It transports you back in time.
It tells you (kind of) what it was like living life back then. And oftentimes it's a lot more interesting than life now. (It's kind of funny how when these books were originally published they were contemporary novels, whereas now we consider them historical novels....)

They spoke like sophisticated people.
I don't know if you've noticed, but we Americans have the habit of simplifying everything, including our elocution (ha! I used a big word!). I always sort of feel like a backwoods redneck that lacks proper society when I read classics (yes I'm an Austenite. Where else would I get a phrase like 'Lacks proper society'?). If you read enough, it will improve your overall vocabulary. And if you ask me, this world sorely needs that.

It improves one's manners.
It makes you think more about little things like "keep your elbows off the table" and such. And if you're like me, you pay attention to the way people eat and such in period films (some of which are based on classics). I've noticed they will take small bites, and sit very straight in their chairs, and try to make polite conversation. They deserve a lot of credit for that, I mean, it's hard to take small bites when you're famished!

They're often refreshing.
If you read the good ones, they'll often emphasize the important things in life. They encourage one to relax, and enjoy one's family and what God has given them, and to put people first, and yourself and material things second. I find if I'm having anxiety about something, they'll calm me till I'm certain things will turn out okay. Somehow when reading about other people's problems, or about a families love, our own problems don't seem bad or as large. I'm a firm believer that God gave us books and stories to help out with life in general.

Because you can read them aloud with a British accent even if they're american classics.
Need I say more?

It gives you motivation to learn something you usually wouldn't.
I taught myself how to knit from books because of period films and Historical Novels. It makes me want to learn how to wash clothes like they did, or keep chickens or something. Maybe it would would be completely useless to learn these things. On the other hand, it could be really smart to learn skills most people don't think about anymore. You never know when you may need to put your old fashioned skills to good use in God's Kingdom.

It gets you outdoors.
I don't know about you, but whenever I read novels written by people like Louisa May Alcott or L. M. Montgomery, I feel like going outside and frolicking in the sunshine, or simply laying on the ground reading, writing, or dreaming.

So there you have it. Now what are you waiting for? :)



  1. "Improved vocabulary", definitely! The poor clerk at Walmart got a lesson in it the other day. He asked how I was doing, & I said "harried". He said "what??" So I explained that one, saying I did a lot of reading, esp. old books. Which often leads me to use archaic language. Had to explain that one, too! Funny thing was, his name was Tristan. I wasn't about to tell him where his name came from!!

  2. I love reason #5. :D
    And it's true reading older books makes you think more about how you speak and act.