Christmas Gifts for Teens

IT'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS PEOPLE and I tend to get a little over excited sometimes. Apologizing in advance. Anyway, gift shopping is the hard part of Christmas, and for those of you who wish to buy a gifts or gift for the teenagers in your life, this post is for you. I don't want to say we're complicated, but we can be hard to shop for. I should note though that these are things that I, as a homeschooled nerd, would love as gifts, and I do not claim to know what every teen likes, but maybe it can be of some help if you don't know where to start.

For the music lovers, these are fantastic gift. I use mine every day, almost without fail. My favorite cheaper ones so far are Panasonic ones, which you can find on Amazon and possibly Ebay. The ones that are closest to mine you can find here. They're the best ones I have ever owned by far. If you wanted a more expensive option, I've heard that Beats are good. I have never owned a pair, but they seem to be liked by the majority. Also Bose are supposed to be really good as well.

Before you "what the crap" lemme explain. Ukuleles are the easiest instrument to learn, and the sound so sweet and happy. Plus, if your teen is a Twenty One Pilots fan, it's a win-win situation. Also, learning any instrument is good way to learn perseverance and patience, so I guess it's a win-win-win. anyway, I think it's a good gift idea. ;) A Soprano uke is recommended for beginners, though I would opt for the ones in the $50 range, not the ones in the $20-$30 range. Why? because I have a very distinct feeling that you will get a better quality uke that way. Just my opinion. I am by no means an expert.

Prismacolor color pencils and a sketch pad
For the artists, or anyone who loves to draw or doodle. Prismacolor pencils are praised by professional artists. My sister (who is very artsy) has a set, and they are lovely. The set of 24 that my sister has are not bad at all as far as price. They can sell for up to $50 in some places so I would recommend Amazon or Walmart for the better prices. As far as a sketch pad, Walmart has a decent selection for a different prices. Note: Make sure the sketchpads are acid free. The drawings will last longer if they are acid free.

Concert Tickets
Is there a band in town that your teen loves? Buy them tickets. I'm pretty sure they'll love you forever (okay I hope they do anyway but you know). Note: you may have to do some discreet research or asking around to determine the favorite band.

Band Merch
This ties in to the concert tickets. band merch makes band fans very, very, very happy. You may have to do some discreet research or asking around to determine the favorite band though.

We teens are growing, therefore we need food. Especially Oreo's and chocolate and those things that are not good for us at all.

Book light
For readers, these are LIFE SAVERS. When one can't sleep, and when one is riding in a car late at night, they prove to be most useful. And, they may make the reader want to read an actual book instead of a kindle, which is healthier for them right? (Truth be told I'm just making excuses because I want one). this one clips onto the book, and is affordable too. this one though (it is a little more expensive), looks like it would be amazing. It's all according to your budget though.

Something to benefit a hobby or passion of theirs
What are they passionate about, or what do you notice about what they like to do? Get something that they could use for their hobby or passion. For example, if they like to knit, get them patterns or yarn, or if they like photography, get them their own camera or a new lense. They'll appreciate the interest in what they are interested in.

A giant teddy bear
I'm 100% serious. Everyone needs it in their life. Granted, they are not the cheapest thing in the world, but in my opinion, IT'S SO WORTH IT. ESPECIALLY, if the teen needs a bit of comfort in their lives. Believe me, stuffed animals are wonderful for emotional support. Especially giant ones. I don't know why. But they are.

A bag for all their tech (laptop, tablet, etc.)
technology is taking over the world (actually that sounds awful. lets not let it please.). Most teens have a laptop or tablet or phone or all three. you can get plenty of sick as frick messenger bags or cases for all of it, and at affordable prices now, too. (this is also a great option for someone who loves to stay organized. I know I do.)

A cool mug for coffee or tea
Even if they just drink hot chocolate or something. I would highly recommend looking on Etsy for one. They have one for just about every fandom or family member, with hundreds of quotes and such. Funny ones, sweet ones, majestic ones. I'm telling you. They have just about everything. Plus, it feels great (especially if you have siblings ;)) to have your own special mug.

What's one of the most memorable gifts you ever received? Merry Christmas everyone!!



  1. Skullcandy earbuds are cheap (you can get them for anywhere from 6-200$ depending on which ones) and they have incredible sound. I get the 6$ Jib ones, and they have awesome sound and great bass. You can get them pretty much anywhere, but Fred Meyer is my favorite place to get them, I have gotten them as low as $2.99

    1. I had a pair of Skullcandy ones at one time, and I liked them too :)

  2. I can confirm as a fellow geeky homeschool teen that all of these would 100% be great gifts.

  3. Earbuds yassssss. Honestly this year I don't really want anything...? It's weird. Except for earbuds because my current pair sort of died. XD

  4. YAAAASSS this is perfect!!! As a homeschooled teen, I approve this list. :D

  5. Uh....all of the above. :{P

    *starts talking in deep voice*
    I'm a homeschooled teen, and I approve this message.