Working Out: How To Stay Motivated When You're Just Starting Out

A little while back, I decided this year was going to be the year in which I was going to improve my strength and flexibility. You could call it a resolution of sorts, but I'm not big on resolutions. I just felt like this year was the year, and I was ready for God to push me farther. It has been a dream of mine for several years now to do the splits and become more flexible and strong overall (thanks to dancers and gymnasts whom I  have always looked up to). I have made many mistakes, and learned a lot about my physical health in the past couple years, and so I wanted to share what I've learned with some of you who might be just starting out. With that said, I am by no means an expert and I am still learning all the time. But I'll quit jabbering now and get on to the tips!

Drink Water
I know you've probably heard this before, but this is WAYYY too important to overlook. Drinking water improves your performance, as well as your flexibility, and also helps you to stay energized throughout the day. Even if you only work out once or twice a week, drink water all the time. You'll be amazed at how much better you'll feel overall.

Warm Up 
Never forget to warm up before the workout. And if you are just stretching that day, always warm up before that too. from my experience, I find that it's better to do a 15 min. workout or a smaller but semi intense workout before stretching a lot, as your muscles are warmed up more that way. Just make sure you are not too stiff and cold before you stretch and do an intense workout. Warming up will prevent you from getting injuries.

Don't give up when it hurts
That moment when you feel like you cannot do another crunch or lunge or whatever you're doing anymore, do a few more. Just a few. If you don't you won't advance. to quote FierceLivy (an awesome Youtuber) "Push past your limits." Not to throwing up mind you, just a little more each time. you won't die I promise, even though it can feel like it amiright :P

Learn the difference between good pain and bad pain
There is such a thing as good pain, believe it or not. Good pain is when you step out of our comfort zone. Bad pain is when you push too hard and end up hurting yourself. good pain should feel painful at first, but should go away as you get stronger and more flexible (it should feel more like a burn or sore pain). Bad pain gets worse and worse as you keep going and continue working out (It should feel like more of a sharp pain or ache). Bad pain means you should either stop until you know how to do the exercise in the correct form, or talk to someone who is educated in such matters (like a fitness instructor, or even a chiropractor if it's bad enough). Learning the difference is super important for advancing. Remember to always research before you try a new workout or stretch routine when you're first starting out. You won't regret it.

Work your way up
A lot of beginners try really hard workouts to begin with and then give up because it was too hard. My advice: focus on form first, which means trying really easy workouts, and then work your way up to the hard ones. If you can get through a hard workout, but your form is bad, you won't be advancing like you should be, and you could injure yourself. Try the easy ones first. Doing it right is more important than how much you do. Also, if you are given the option to modify a certain exercise, and you cannot do the advanced version yet, go ahead and do the modified versions and learn to do them well. As long as you can feel it in the right places, you are doing things right, and one day, those advanced versions will easy!

Be determined
The first few weeks will be the hardest, as you get used to working out. You will be sore some days, you'll feel unmotivated some days, and let's be honest: THE BURN CAN BE SO NOT FUN but it's worth it I promise. pretty soon you'll find yourself wanting to work out more, because it makes you feel so good. Yeah there will always be days when you feel like you just do NOT want to get out of your chair, put down that book, or get off of the internet, but that's when it is most important to get up and do it. JUST DO IT (no I'm not sponsored by Nike I just find it helpful).

Pray and Seek God about your goals
God cares about you, which also means He cares about your interests and goals for your life. I know that God put this goal in me, and I might have given it up had He not helped me. Pray about your physical goals and also pray for the strength, motivation, and ability to accomplish them. You might could do well without God's help for a while, but in my experience it's a thousand times better with Him to help you. I consider Him my coach and my cheerleader haha ;)

Put on music
I cannot stress this enough. If I didn't have music I'd probably wouldn't be working out still. Put on whatever motivates you to move. It helps take your mind off the burn sometimes. Also it's important to note that the tempo of the music can affect your performance, so be careful about what you choose for different workouts. For example, putting on fast, upbeat music for a stretching session can make you a little too pumped up, and you could accidentally push yourself too hard and injure yourself. Put on appropriate music for each part of your workout. (e.g.  cardio: fast and upbeat. Stretching: something relaxing like indie pop or even classical music if you want a really relaxing session.)

Reprogram your mind
Have a goal, and picture yourself in that way. You are strong, flexible, and resilient. Keep that image in your mind. When you are doing a tough workout, keep telling yourself that you are strong enough to do it. A lot of the time, it's your own head that keeps you from achieving your goals. If we reprogram our brains to "we can" instead of "we can't", so much can be accomplished it's insane.

Use Youtube
broke and you can't buy videos or join a gym? (I wouldn't join a gym even if I had money haha not my thing but anyway.) Youtube is the answer. I use it all the time. You can find just about anything on Youtube (including things no one needs to see). I'm am currently obsessed with Blogilates Pilates and stretching. Blogilates makes Pilates and working out in general fun (plus I loooooove pilates anyway) and she is super sweet and encouraging. But find whoever works for you. There are a ton of videos out there. Note: This does not mean I agree with everything about said channels, or the lifestyles of the people behind them. I only recommend them because their videos have helped me along a lot.

What is your favorite kind of workout? Let me know if you want me to post my favorite workout videos or stretches or something, or maybe some workout playlists? I love getting feedback from you guys! Thanks for reading lovelies!


  1. Wow! This is a lot of good advice! Thank you for sharing what you have learned. :)


  3. This is a great list! Will definitely be using some of these tips.